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What Is The Cyber Security Training Program And What Can You Accomplish As A Student?

The Cyber Security program is a fully online, 10-course program that spans 33 weeks. Over these 33-weeks, students will become immersed in the cyber security field, learning in-demand skills from installing secured systems to identifying network vulnerabilities to implementing recovery efforts. These skills ensure that any graduate of our cybersecurity training program is fully prepared to secure and protect networks. 

Cyber security is growing at an exponential rate and our program ensures that everything our students learn is as up-to-date as possible. Through expert instruction, curricula and hands-on experience, students will be prepared for a cyber security career. 

cyber security professionals working



Soft skills are an immensely important part of a cyber security career. Our program ensures you are prepared for everything you may face. Soft skills we make sure you learn are critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, time management and more through courses, and gain tangible experience performing a full cybersecurity analysis in a collaborative group setting.

Skills Learned

As a graduate of this program, students can expect to bring a variety of programming and technical skills to their current or future career, which include:

  • Using Packet Analysis to detect breaches, malware and cyber attacks
  • Performing Vulnerability Analysis to identify weaknesses in an organization’s systems and networks
  • Programming in Python to aid in debugging
  • Capturing network packet information using Wireshark and Nmap to identify attackers
  • Learning attacker tactics and how to defend against them
  • Understanding software development through Agile


Security Foundations
Networking Foundations
System Administration
Network Defense
Cryptography & Access Management
Logging and Monitoring
Programming Foundations
Web Application Security and Project Management
Threats & Vulnerabilities
Group Project


Choose from several flexible options for completing the Cyber Security certificate program:

  • Register for the full program and save 14%
  • Start with Track 1 and stack remaining tracks to manage cost over time
  • Tracks may be taken out of order, but we strongly recommend you take sequentially.

Featuring tiered pricing – the more you stack, the less you pay per track!

  • First Track Purchase = $5,950
  • Second Track Purchase = $4,970
  • Third Track Purchase = $4,130

PLEASE NOTE: Only students who complete all tracks are prepared to sit for the certification exam.

Gain robust knowledge of the fundamentals of security concepts, technical skills required in network administration and support, and fundamental programming concepts.


  • Security Foundations 
  • Networking Foundations
  • Programming Foundations



  • Gain practical knowledge of security concepts such as threats, policy and procedures, risk management and disaster recovery
  • Become familiar with code organization, decision-making, handling errors and debugging applications
  • Prepare for the network certification exam

Learn skills for assessing threats & vulnerabilities faced by every organization and technology user.


  • System Administration
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Network Defense



  • Learn to install & configure network components to support organizational security
  • Analyze and interpret security logs on Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems, as well as get an intro to basic forensics
  • Learn to use the most current tools to assess the security posture of an organization & understand the impacts of various vulnerabilities

Learn about cryptography algorithms used to ensure safe transmission, storage, and use of sensitive data.


  • Web Application Security and Project Management
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Cryptography and Access Management
  • Group Project


  • Learn the key concepts of Web security including the mindset, discipline, and methods for securing a software project
  • Become an expert in the vulnerabilities faced by every technology user and organization including hardware, software, and various ‘threat actors’
  • Learn cryptography algorithms used for safe transmission & storage of sensitive data. Get best practices on access and account management.
  • Play the role of both defender and attacker in a network while using the skills acquired over the course of the program


As cyber threats and attacks continue to grow each year, the employment market for skilled cybersecurity professionals is growing much faster than average. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong continued growth in the cybersecurity field and predicts the number of information security analyst jobs will increase by about 33% through 2030 with an estimated 16,300 new jobs opening up in the field each year on average over that period. The median salary for information security analysts in 2020 was $103,590, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The career opportunities available to program graduates span several industries and organizations, such as computer companies, consulting firms and business and financial companies. These jobs include but are not limited to:
cyber security professional working

$52,000 – $113,000

Information Security Analyst
cyber security professional working

$73,500 – $238,500

cyber security professional working

$52,000 – $120,000

Forensic Computer


Students will be fully prepared to take the CompTIA Security+ Exam.



COMPTIA Security+

A benchmark global certification exam that tests and affirms students have the baseline skills needed to perform core security functions in an IT security career. Having this credential can be a springboard in advancing their cybersecurity career and earning a higher salary.


In addition to the following payment options, we offer special corporate volume pricing. Visit the Corporate page for details.

Pay in full using any major credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. Select “credit card” as your payment option.

Apply for PayPal Credit and pay zero interest if your balance is paid in full within 6-months. Complete a quick application and you’ll receive a credit decision within seconds.

Pay for your training with an education loan through  Meritize.

Complete the course registration process to reserve your seat using one of these options.


Many employers have education programs or will pay for continued education! Select “Corporate Invoice” if you need an invoice to process payment through company training tuition assistance/reimbursement plans. 

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April is your Workforce Training Specialist. She is here to help you understand the program, payment options, and succeed! Get in touch with her to learn more about the program, Professional Workforce Development, and how to achieve your workforce development goals!


No. This program does not count for college credit.

No previous programming skills are needed. Students will gain core knowledge of programming principles using Python and learn how to apply them to a professional career.

Students will learn programming in Python.

No prior experience in the cybersecurity industry or education in cybersecurity is required.

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